The King Of The Beasts?

The King of the Beasts?

Lion Infanticide (1) (mp4: 4.1Mb)
Lion Infanticide (2) (mp4: 1.6Mb)

* * *
Lion Kills Zebra (mp4: 11.0Mb)
Lions Kill Giraffe (mp4: 26.0Mb)
Lions Kill Hippos (mp4: 27.6Mb)
Lion Kills Warthog (mp4: 3.1Mb)
Lion kills Elephant Calf (mp4: 26.4Mb)
Lions Kill and Eat Human (mp4: 11.6Mb)

Snuff videos show a side of Darwinian life not normally broadcast on
Disneyfied TV "wildlife" documentaries. If you already agree with the kind of policy
proposals outlined in Reprogramming Predators, then there is no
sense in distressing yourself by watching death porn of this nature.

For a light-hearted video depicting post-Darwinian life, see here instead. For a sick satirical video that makes a serious point, see here. For a critique of anthropocentric bias, see The Antispeciesist Revolution (2012). And for a case study of what compassionate biology would entail now, see A Welfare State For Elephants? (2012)


Reprogramming Predators